Are there certain types of events that are better than others for booking your photo booth?

Nope! Our photo booth is a great addition to any event. This includes birthday parties, weddings, graduations, retirement celebrations, baby showers, company parties, going away parties, etc., and even for companies that may be recruiting or promoting their services at a larger event.

What are my options for template sizing, and how do I know which to choose?

Standard sizes include 2x6 and 4x6

The 2x6 strip will have 3 pictures. Space is more limited with this template for words/logos/pictures, but it’s that classic look. They also print twice as fast, since two print at a time.

The 4x6 is great for 2-4 pictures. It’s modern and allows plenty of room for design and/or the guest of honor’s picture.

If you’re wanting something specific, let us know and we will accommodate you if possible. We start every template from scratch, so that we can completely customize it for you.

How much space do you need?

The more the better!

For the closed booth, we suggest an area of 20x10 feet for optimum experience. The booth is 5x5 feet, and we also need two 6 feet tables (which we provide). It’s also important to take into account any emergency exits or doorways that can’t be blocked in the designated photo booth area. If the space provided by your venue is a concern, we are willing to talk directly to the venue so that we can find the best place possible.

For the open-air booth, we need a bit more space. But our backdrop is adjustable, so we can work with the designated area to the best of our ability.

How many people can fit in the closed photo booth?

That is entirely up to the people trying to fit inside! Comfortably, about 1-6 people. But the record is...15? There is some strategy to it, which we can help with ;)

I want my picture on my template, but you didn’t take the picture. Is that ok?

Yes! It’s okay if we did not take the picture you wish to have on your template. However, we suggest providing a picture that is decent quality so that it looks nice on the template and isn’t blurry.

My event is taking place outside, is this ok?

Yes! As long as we have completely flat, dry ground, there’s no issue. We’ll also need to know if there will be tents and a power source. If not, we have tents to keep our equipment dry, and a generator for an additional charge.